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كالفن كلاين

Calvin Klein is a global fashion lifestyle brand with a history of audacious, nonconformist principles that inspires all it does. The minimalist and sensual style of the brand, which was established in New York in 1968, informs its approach to product design and communication while providing a blank canvas for unrestricted self-expression. The underwear, jeans, casual clothing, and perfumes of Calvin Klein are now recognized on a global scale. In 1997, the brand started to offer watches and a line of jewelry. Many of the company's items in their line bear the "cK" emblem, which is as identifiable as its brand name. In 1981, Calvin, the company's debut fragrance, was released. Since then, Calvin Klein has developed a number of popular fragrances, such as Obsession (1985 for women, 1986 for men), cK One (one of the first scents sold as unisex, in 1994), and Euphoria, that, in the opinion of many, encapsulate the spirit of the decades in which they were introduced (2005 for women, 2006 for Men).
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