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About Us

Melora- An all-in-one destination for all your beauty needs. The vision that derived the creation of Melora has always been to be one stop shop solution for our customers. We offer authentic fragrances, skincare, haircare and makeup products from all the leading brands around the world. Our goal was to establish a welcoming platform where everyone in the region could experience the transformative power of beauty. We believe that appreciating each person's individuality and emphasizing the qualities that make them beautifully and gloriously unique is what beauty is all about.
Mission Statement:
Honoring the significance of beauty in our existence. Changing the way beauty is represented. Supporting causes that matter. And fostering a deeper sense of purpose for our customers, business, and brand. We will redefine what beauty means in the world by working together.
Vision Statement:
To be the leading and most adored beauty destination and to fulfill everyone's wants and desires for beauty in all of their infinite variety.
  • Passion: For the positive effects that skincare can have on both genders—well-being, self-assurance, and sociability. Passion for a business that is inextricably related to people and their overall well-being.
  • Excellence: A frame of mind that revolves around constantly striving to improve and attain more excellence. To be able to give our customers the finest service possible, we all share the drive to outperform ourselves.
  • Integrity: Our company is built on the principle of ethical behavior. A moral compass that promotes justice, respect for all stakeholders, and total openness serves as the foundation for everything we do.
  • Innovation: We focus our sights on the future, as we have done since our inception, anticipating market needs and expectations in order to guide our business toward long-term success.
  • Respect & Safety: Every day, we work to create a space that is secure and welcoming for our clients, business partners, and employees. We firmly think that beauty and self-care are for everyone as we work to become the most admired and leading retailer.
Our Commitments To You
At Melora, we have a specialised team that monitors product authenticity to distinguish between real and fake products and makes sure we only sell products that are 100% authentic and real.
Product Quality:
To provide you the finest quality and assortment of products, we carry the top global brands in addition to a wide range from our merchant partners. Before they are dispatched to you, our products go through a rigorous inspection and quality control process.
Fast service:
For your convenience, we provide same-day or next-day delivery. Based on the goods you've selected and the delivery address, we'll always present you with the best delivery alternatives.
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